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Why does Community Day cost 10€ entrance this year?
Well, the main reason is the number of no-shows we’ve had over the years. Last year, Community Day was sold out at 750 people, and 550 turned up. That’s 200 people that registered but didn’t come. However, other people did want to come but couldn’t, since we were full. We hope that by asking a very small fee, we’ll have less no-shows, so everyone that wants to come, will be able to!

And what am I getting as extra for my 10€ then?
Apart from a great event, you’ll get breakfast, lunch, drinks, dessert, ice-cream and more. So you’re not losing any money on it.
And don’t forget, you can win some great prizes including Pluralsight yearly subscriptions, Telerik and JetBrains licenses, entrances passes for NDC London, a Windows 8 tablet, a Windows Phone and much more!

„I don’t have a VISA card. Can’t I join now?“ „I don’t trust online payments“.
No worries, you can still attend the event! Send an email to and we’ll help you.

Note that cancellation of your reservation isn’t possible any longer after June 12th.